Here are some of the things our clients are saying about the FOCUS Government, Aerospace & Defense group.

Dr. Vaikunth N. Gupta, Co-Founder and Partner, The Panum Group

The Panum Group, LLC is happy to receive an investment from Renovus Capital. They understand our business and crafted a transaction that worked for all parties involved. Also, FOCUS Investment Bankers’ guidance was crucial in consummating the transaction. They stood by our side every step of the way.

John Frick, Chairman, AirVault

John Frick, Chairman, AirVaultThe strategic fit provided by this transaction is exceptional; our acquirer counts nearly every airline in the world in its customer base, which provides an exciting growth path for AirVault. The FOCUS team has been a valuable partner to us over the years, and we would not be celebrating this transaction without their help and guidance.

Tim Smith, Vice President, Smiths Machine, LLC

Photo: Tim Smith, Vice President, Smiths Machine, LLC“Selling a family owned business is complex and emotionally taxing.  Our advisors, FOCUS Investment Banking, ran a very thorough process and identified a great deal of interest in Smiths among both strategic and private equity buyers. FOCUS quickly identified more than four hundred prospective buyers, of which sixty-five signed NDAs.  They showed tremendous persistence and energy in driving the process relentlessly to a successful conclusion. I am excited that Smiths will be joining ARCH Global Precision and look forward to further enhancing the business that was started by my father in 1974.”

Barry Lyons, Cofounder, Sound Seal

“When we received an unsolicited offer to purchase our company we didn’t realize how much help we’d need to successfully complete the deal. We were introduced to FOCUS and know we could not have crossed the finish line without their help and advice. FOCUS stressed the importance of having multiple buyers in a competitive situation. We became believers when another buyer increased the price, causing the original buyer to drop out of the process. Rich Mulcahy, my co-founder, and I both recommend FOCUS to other business owners without hesitation; they know their business and managed all aspects of the deal until it was complete. Until you have been through such a process, it is impossible to appreciate the number of issues and details to be dealt with. Having experienced advisors, like FOCUS, by your side is essential to your emotional and financial peace of mind.”

Rich Mulcahy, Cofounder, Sound Seal

“FOCUS gave us the professional blueprint we needed to follow. With all the steps and the associated challenges, they successfully got us to closing. FOCUS helped us maintain our goal of working together as a team: it's like sliding into home, and your safe.”

John Dahlberg, Owner, Embee, Inc.

Photo: John Dahlberg“Embee, Inc. is a leader in the commercial aerospace metal finishing industry, so when I decided to sell Embee I knew that I needed top notch investment bankers to help me navigate the sale process. FOCUS was the ideal firm to find the best acquirer for Embee.

"Brent Costello and Paul Richey, Managing Directors at FOCUS, were instrumental in the execution and closing of the recent sale of Embee to Triumph Group, Inc. They followed a strategic sale methodology and guided the Embee management team throughout the entire process. I was most impressed with the thoroughness of the auction process that FOCUS conducted and the large number of interested suitors that FOCUS found. Brent and Paul are seasoned investment bankers that know the market well. They set aggressive yet realistic expectations throughout the process of selling my company. Their depth of experience, tenacity and active management of the sale process led to an exceptional result for Embee.

"FOCUS receives my highest endorsement.”

Don Sweeney, Co-CEO, Emerging Solutions

Photo: Don Sweeney“This is an exciting time for us. We are looking forward to the prospects ahead and feel grateful for the ongoing advice we received from FOCUS. We interviewed a number of investment banks before selecting FOCUS, and we never regretted our decision. George Shea and Manan Shah did everything possible to maximize value for our shareholders and bring us the best strategic partner in Emtec. Their intimate knowledge of our marketplace and depth of experience was the key to achieving our overall objectives from this transaction. The FOCUS IT Team is top notch, and we recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Kathryn Freeland, President and CEO, A-TEK, Inc.

Photo: Kathryn Freeland"When we decided to re-enter the federal contracting market by acquiring a platform company, we sought to find the right investment banker with the reach, depth and breadth of knowledge of the market we were pursuing. After interviewing several bankers that were highly qualified, we met the good folks at FOCUS Investment Banking LLC. Eric Oganesoff, Managing Director and lead on our transaction, was both knowledgeable of the market and sensitive to what we were trying to accomplish. He, along with Marshall Graham, another Managing Director, initially profiled over 200 companies in their search and worked with us to narrow the scope to a more workable number. They interviewed 90 plus CEOs before short listing 15 quality companies that met our criteria. In addition, they facilitated the development of strategic relationships that will be beneficial to us for years to come. After careful review and many spirited discussions, FOCUS was instrumental in helping us close the acquisition of A-TEK, Inc. With A-TEK as our platform company, we will use its capabilities coupled with our past experience to leverage and build a company of significant size with both science and technology capability. Thanks to Team FOCUS the journey has gotten off to a great start."

George Mackintosh, Chief Executive, TestPlant

Photo: George Mackintosh“TestPlant’s appointment of Spectrum Systems as our US distributor followed an extensive review of government resellers by FOCUS’ Managing Directors Gerald Turner and Eric Oganesoff. Being based in London made it difficult for us to select the right distributor on our own. FOCUS was always available and quick to respond; they led a team which began by researching the technical market into which TestPlant wanted to sell its product. From a long list of resellers, a short list was prepared based on email and telephone dialogues and supported by FOCUS’ corporate due diligence. The FOCUS team then arranged a series of face-to-face meetings between the top candidate firms and TestPlant’s management. At the end of a five month process, Spectrum was judged as best positioned in experience and quality of service to partner with TestPlant. FOCUS was hugely helpful. They were wise counsellors and sounding boards. It made financial sense for us to engage FOCUS.”

Jim Trummer, President and CEO of Nextek, Inc.

Photo: Jim Trummer“The electronic manufacturing services industry was significantly impacted in the past year, but FOCUS helped us present our business and financial results to highlight our strong track record even in this difficult recessionary environment. In today’s extremely difficult lending environment, FOCUS’ assistance was critical in closing this loan.”

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