Educational Technology

M&A Investment Banking

The FOCUS EdTech Team is part of our overall Technology Services team— one of the most active and successful in North America. FOCUS has more than four decades of experience bringing companies to market. Unlike most technology services specialty groups, we:



  • Offer strategic advisory services that enhance shareholder value
  • Proven transaction methodology for delivering results


  • C-level bankers with operating experience in your industry
  • Years of experience in the middle market to maximize the opportunity for a successful transaction

Global Reach

  • National firm with global reach
  • Regional offices ensure that all clients receive personalized service throughout every phase of the transaction


  • Formal research department dedicated to creating the most exact and comprehensive analysis to help get the deal closed
  • Dedicated software and services analysts


Leah White

Managing Director and Team Leader

Michael Birmingham

Managing Director

Photo: Shan Desai

Shan Desai


Photo: Stan Gowisnock

Stan Gowisnock

Chief Strategic Officer

Kate Elliott

Director of Research

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