Ray Daly, President and Co-Founder, Vertex Solutions

“We spent more than a decade building our business and knew how to run it at a level of performance well above others in our industry, but we had no experience selling a company. For that depth of expertise, we partnered with FOCUS because of their skilled team and track record of middle market M&A successes.”

Arun Murali, President of Pradot Technologies

Photo: Arun Murali“This acquisition will allow Pradot to grow in ways never before possible. By purchasing GroupOne HealthSource, Pradot now has a strong U.S. presence, and we are increasing our service offering and revenue in both countries. We will continue to pursue both organic and acquisitive growth strategies.”

Mike Coleman, Chairman and CEO of Integrity Media

Photo: Mike Coleman"When I first considered recapitalizing Integrity, I thought of Jonathan Wilfong at FOCUS LLC. I have had a relationship with Jonathan for almost 20 years and knew he understood our firm's mission and business, as well as the media industry. Even during this time of troubled markets, FOCUS was able to secure a credit facility for Integrity with far better terms, and at a substantial savings in debt service costs. I am very pleased with the transaction and our new relationship with JP Morgan/Chase."

John Muench, Chairman & Founder of Advanced Control Systems

“The FOCUS team did a highly professional job in representing ACS in the sale of our business. From their Confidential Information Memorandum on our firm, which was well received by buyers, to successfully managing the entire sales process with numerous interested parties from all over the world, FOCUS became an invaluable partner to ACS in this important initiative.”

Steven Bederman, CEO of TouchStar

Photo: Steven Bederman“FOCUS has been a wonderful partner. We are looking forward to working with Focus through a series of planned global acquisitions and expansions in the months ahead.”

Leonard Metheny, Jr., President and CEO of AY Recruiting

Leonard Metheny, Jr."With the award of a major new contract that will more than double our company size, our investor group and management team decided to look for a large acquisition partner. At the time of our decision, we knew of several candidates, but we needed help identifying additional acquisition partners in order to maximize shareholder value. We turned to Marshall Graham at FOCUS Investment Banking for help. Within four months we completed the sale transaction with the best partner for our company and at the best price and terms."

Frank A. Pezzanite, CEO and Judy Pezzanite, COO, Co-Founders, LSSI

Photo: Frank and Judy Pezzanite"LSSI was founded in 1981; since that time, our firm has been providing total library management services to government and public libraries. Today, we are the industry leader in providing outsourced library management. Our initial market was the U.S.Federal Government where we managed multiple agency library locations. In the late 1980s, we were introduced to Marshall Graham, the founder of FOCUS. Based, in part, on his guidance, our firm accepted the challenge of extending our total library management concept into the public library sector. By early 2006, our firm had a client list of more than 45 public libraries as well as numerous government agency clients including the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. As my wife and I approached retirement age, we once again called on Marshall to represent us in acquiring outside investors. We needed a financial partner who would acquire a significant stake in LSSI while providing the increased working capital needed to fuel our company's growth. Marshall introduced us to Islington Capital Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm that made the investment. The professional approach, deep research capability, and our long relationship with Marshall Graham of FOCUS proved to be a winning combination, resulting in a very successful transaction."

Robert Bohn, Founder and Former President of AGC Engineering

Photo: Robert Bohn"We are very thankful to FOCUS and Managing Director, Eric Oganesoff for his expertise in executing our sales transaction. It was a complicated sale to orchestrate, dealing with a family run business and a minority shareholder in a small niche market. This deal would not have come together without Eric's high level knowledge of business management, manufacturing, accounting and finance. He took special care to make certain that all partners were kept informed at all stages of the transaction process. He dealt professionally with the group as a whole and handled individual issues as needed. He was always available to answer questions and offer professional advice. Eric kept our outside costs to a minimum by bringing in outside legal and accounting counsel only as required. He always had each party's best interests in mind. I can't imagine anyone more qualified to handle a sale or acquisition than Eric Oganesoff."

William Dunn, CEO of Dunn Solutions Group

Photo: William Dunn"FOCUS partners Manan Shah and George Shea were instrumental in finding us the right partner when I decided to look for strategic alternatives for my IT services company. We were primarily looking for a larger partner to help us grow to the next level while creating liquidity for our shareholders. We received several offers from the domestic buyers but it turned out that our best partner was in the International market. In FOCUS, we found a partner with an exceptional capability to find candidates not confined to geographical boundaries."

Robert Garces, Chairman of Alliance HealthCard

Photo: Robert Garces"The acquisition of Benefits Marketing Solutions was very important to the future of Alliance and was too important not to involve professionals who could ensure that the acquisition closed. From initial negotiation of the transaction terms to the deal closing, FOCUS professionals were there to assist us. They ensured that all of the necessary steps, from LOI to due diligence to agreement execution, were completed and successfully managed. The value FOCUS added was significant."

* Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of all clients; testimonials are not a guarantee of future performance or success.