Laura Toellner, Shareholder of Blue Iron Equipment

“FOCUS understood Blue Iron’s business and industry, and sold our company in a very timely fashion. They value the importance of teamwork and open communication throughout the entire transaction process, which contributed to our success in realizing our financial goals.”

Steve French, CEO, LbGlobalLaw

Photo: Steve French“Through its disciplined process FOCUS leveraged its database of prospective mezzanine and growth equity investors and obtained multiple investment proposals ranging from mezzanine debt structures to control acquisitions.

“Their assistance preparing a comprehensive information memorandum describing our unique business model and helping us manage the negotiations and due diligence process was invaluable.”

Barry Lyons, Cofounder, Sound Seal

“When we received an unsolicited offer to purchase our company we didn’t realize how much help we’d need to successfully complete the deal. We were introduced to FOCUS and know we could not have crossed the finish line without their help and advice. FOCUS stressed the importance of having multiple buyers in a competitive situation. We became believers when another buyer increased the price, causing the original buyer to drop out of the process. Rich Mulcahy, my co-founder, and I both recommend FOCUS to other business owners without hesitation; they know their business and managed all aspects of the deal until it was complete. Until you have been through such a process, it is impossible to appreciate the number of issues and details to be dealt with. Having experienced advisors, like FOCUS, by your side is essential to your emotional and financial peace of mind.”

Rich Mulcahy, Cofounder, Sound Seal

“FOCUS gave us the professional blueprint we needed to follow. With all the steps and the associated challenges, they successfully got us to closing. FOCUS helped us maintain our goal of working together as a team: it's like sliding into home, and your safe.”

Brett Griffith, CEO of AlphaLit and Alpha Systems

Brett Griffith, President, Alpha SystemsIn our extensive due diligence to select the right M&A partner, we explored a local M&A advisory firm, a litigation support industry specialist firm, and FOCUS Investment Banking. We chose FOCUS for their broad experience, disciplined process and leadership ability. The e-discovery industry is undergoing a technology turnover, and the timely strategic advice and guidance FOCUS provided was critical to the successful outcome of our transaction.

Steve Kiefer, CFO of AlphaLit and Alpha Systems

The FOCUS team, led by Doug Rodgers and Rick Thomas, were true partners throughout the process. They understood the implications of our transaction from an operational, financial and human perspective and could relate to the issues which impacted our business. They were in the trenches with us every step of the way and helped us find workable solutions to the many obstacles that had to be overcome. I highly recommend the FOCUS team.

Jared Feldman, CEO and Founder, FORA Financial

Photo: Jared Feldman“The support we received from FOCUS reflects the confidence they have in our business and the growth we expect in the future. FOCUS understands all that we do and well positioned us in front of a variety of lenders. We look forward to expanding our relationship as our business grows.”

Kyle Buehner, CEO, NAVIS

Photo: Kyle Buehner“The expertise and guidance that we received from FOCUS and John Bradshaw throughout the entire process of our first acquisition was invaluable to me and NAVIS. Not only did John help maximize our results, he was able to streamline the process and help us avoid the land mines. Without his careful monitoring, I doubt the acquisition would have been as successful as it was.”

John Dahlberg, Owner, Embee, Inc.

Photo: John Dahlberg“Embee, Inc. is a leader in the commercial aerospace metal finishing industry, so when I decided to sell Embee I knew that I needed top notch investment bankers to help me navigate the sale process. FOCUS was the ideal firm to find the best acquirer for Embee.

"Brent Costello and Paul Richey, Managing Directors at FOCUS, were instrumental in the execution and closing of the recent sale of Embee to Triumph Group, Inc. They followed a strategic sale methodology and guided the Embee management team throughout the entire process. I was most impressed with the thoroughness of the auction process that FOCUS conducted and the large number of interested suitors that FOCUS found. Brent and Paul are seasoned investment bankers that know the market well. They set aggressive yet realistic expectations throughout the process of selling my company. Their depth of experience, tenacity and active management of the sale process led to an exceptional result for Embee.

"FOCUS receives my highest endorsement.”

Peggy Horn, President, SBC Systems

Photo: Peggy Horn“SBC had been in business for over thirty years. When it came time for us to sell we interviewed a number of bankers. We selected FOCUS to represent SBC because we connected with their partners. Jonathan Wilfong and John Bradshaw provided invaluable advice as we worked through all of the issues. They helped us navigate each stage of the sales process and completed our transaction in just 7 months. I would highly recommend FOCUS.”

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