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Orthopedics Report – Q2 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

Orthopedic Platforms Continue to Form - Positioning for Market Share and Private Equity Recapitalization

The second quarter of 2021 delivered three reported orthopedic practice acquisitions, including the formation of Ortho Alliance New Jersey which included seven orthopedic practices in New Jersey joining to form the largest orthopedic group in the state.

Ophthalmology Report – Q2 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

After a Strong First Half, 2021 Is Now Looking Like a True Window of Opportunity for Ophthalmology Deals

The second quarter of 2021 delivered twenty-two reported ophthalmology practice acquisitions, continuing the surge of M&A activity within the specialty.

Gastroenterology Report – Q2 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

Gastroenterology Acquisition Activity Remains High in Q2 2021 – Major Opportunity for Selling Physicians

The second quarter of 2021 delivered eight gastroenterology practice acquisitions, coming down from the flurry of activity in Q1. Still, gastroenterology remains one of the most active and attractive PPM investment opportunities.

Buyer Spotlight: BlueSprig Pediatrics

Founded in 2017 and based in Houston, BlueSprig Pediatrics is already one of the largest and fastest- growing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy providers in the country. It is the largest autism services provider in Texas and the Southeast, with over 40 centers in Texas, and now has centers in 18 states, from Illinois and Massachusetts to Oregon and Washington. BlueSprig’s mission is to “change the world for children with autism” and it is “committed to providing compassionate, individualized, and evidence-based behavior analysis treatment.”

Buyer Spotlight: EyeSouth Partners

EyeSouth is One of the Most Active Ophthalmology Practice Management Companies with 23 Acquisitions Since 2017

We profile investors to provide our clients with an important understanding of the types of private equity firms, independent investors, and family offices active in the healthcare verticals we work in every day. Although it is not feasible to create case studies for every investor, we profile those that represent the most active practices common in today’s acquisition market.

White Paper: The Physician’s Guide to Private Equity Transactions – June 2021

Designed to help physician owners considering a sale to private equity, this paper examines the key questions common to our initial client conversations. The learnings apply to all practice verticals from ophthalmology .. to gastroenterology .. to dermatology. Topics include: The Best Time to Sell, Determining the Best Buyer, The Private Equity Investment Model, Calculating Adjusted EBITDA for Medical Practices, Practice Valuation and Multiples, How to Get Associate Physicians to Buy-in.