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Why It’s a Near Perfect Environment for Mid-Sized Companies to Sell

GOOD NEWS for owners of mid-sized companies who thought their window of opportunity to sell had closed for good--the combination of available, competitive debt and equity financing, an interested and large number of buyers and a seemingly resurgent economy is resulting in crowded auctions and higher prices.

Obtaining and Maximizing Bank Debt

Successful companies spend a great deal of time and effort developing and nurturing customer and key supplier relationships. Unfortunately, many of these same companies don't take the same approach to developing positive relationships with their bankers/lenders. Building a strong relationship with a lender is a critical element in the success of any company. Lenders, like …

Alternative Financing: Four Routes to Raising Capital Today

Despite the current turmoil in the venture capital sector, top caliber companies still attract outside capital, although at far more "realistic" valuations than previously, coupled with more stringent market-driven terms and conditions.¬†Expanding upon the issues raised by the Panel, the article below compares the pluses and minuses of a variety of alternative sources of …