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FOCUS Investment Banking represents ICAPE GROUP in its Acquisition of DIVSYS International, LLC — Cross-border transaction in the Advanced Automation Industry

ICAPE Group has acquired DIVSYS International, LLC

Washington, DC, (September 14, 2018) – FOCUS Investment Banking, a national middle market investment banking firm providing merger, acquisition, divestiture, and corporate finance services, announced today that ICAPE LLC, the US arm of the ICAPE Group has acquired DIVSYS International, LLC. FOCUS represented ICAPE Group in this transaction.

Since 1999, ICAPE Group, headquartered just outside …

Five Smart Steps in Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Artificial intelligence is the future… From health care to transportation to national security, AI has the potential to improve lives. But it comes with fears about economic disruption and a brewing ‘AI arms race.’ Like any transformational change, it’s complicated. Perhaps the biggest AI myth is that we can be confident about its future effects,” …

How Actual Intelligence is Transforming Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding and improving exponentially through ever more powerful parallel computing, more data, and deeper algorithms—to become an increasingly important facet of everyday life. But what exactly is AI and what does it mean for your business?

AI can be defined as any task performed by a program or machine that—if carried …

FOCUS Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Team Helps Business Owners Navigate New and Unfamiliar Terrain

Washington, DC (November 15, 2017) – The world is experiencing a period of unprecedented change as digital connectivity and automation pervade the physical universe of people and things. FOCUS Investment Banking LLC formed the Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Team to provide merger, acquisition and capital raising services to businesses affected by this transformation and to …

A2Z Manufacturing: Is This the Competitor You Should Really Be Worrying About?

A2Z Manufacturing: Is This the Competitor You Should Really Be Worrying About?

Merger and acquisition activity has accelerated in the precision machining industry due to the confluence of three fundamental technological and market forces.

  • Large capital inflows from private equity funds
  • Automated, digital manufacturing processes
  • Digital integration of the supply chain

The capital required to simply stay competitive is likely to soon leave a substantial portion of …

Made in America: The 33 Cent Chinese Arkansas T-Shirt

Recently my colleague Marco Chan shared an extraordinary story that puts a new slant on the public discussion about robotics, China, outsourcing and the future of jobs.  According to this Bloomberg Business Week story,  a Chinese manufacturer, Tianyuan Garments Co., is investing $20 million to open a plant in Little Rock that will utilize robots …

The Work World Is Changing And Society Needs To Change As Well

We live in a time of great paradox. Technologies such as low cost renewable energy and automated production tools promise a world of abundance in which global poverty is abolished and human drudgery is eliminated. Yet even a casual glance at the daily news confronts us with a sense of dread that, far from Utopia, we are instead headed toward a dystopian future in which the benefits of technological advance will be reserved for a privileged few.