Testimonials for Business Services

Here are some of the things our clients are saying about the FOCUSBusiness Services group.

Carl Foster, Founder/President, Queen Consulting Group

The FOCUS team really knows their business, and they brought in multiple strong offers for us to consider. We really look forward to joining Talent Group—the best fit for us. George Shea and Bob Maiden walked us through the process every step of the way and highlighted our unique capabilities. We are thrilled with the result and wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS to any firm considering a sale.

William L. Bryan, CEO of Microconsult

I wanted to express my appreciation for the professional work that FOCUS Investment Banking performed for my company over two plus years. The number of hours, the total communication and rapid response time to questions regarding the buyout was phenomenal. I highly recommend FOCUS for any company that is preparing to sell a business.

Patrick Lowell, Sage CEO

FOCUS played a critical role in the process. Their expertise, commitment and professionalism is truly unparalleled. We appreciate their assistance in making the transaction with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction possible.

Willis Cantey, Founder/CEO Cantey Tech Consulting

Photo: Willis CanteyI hired FOCUS’ MSP Team on March 15, 2021.

17 days later I signed a letter of intent (LOI) with LNC Partners, who I found to be a fantastic cultural, strategic, geographic, and financial fit for our team after evaluating multiple investor groups.

We closed the transaction 3 months later and I am already actively working with FOCUS to find the right companies to join our growing Platform.

I cannot speak highly enough about FOCUS’ MSP Team. I will happily serve as a reference any time.

Jim Kennedy, Founder & CEO, Network Support Co., a portfolio of company of The Riverside Co.

I could not have chosen a better partner than Abe and his team at FOCUS Investment Banking.

Photo: Jim Kennedy, CEO The Network Support Co.

In all my years in business I have never experienced this uniquely powerful combination of customer centric focus, deep industry and financial knowledge, availability, integrity, likeability, and selflessness.

With them negotiating the deal I was able to get a price almost (redacted)% higher than I thought likely, and with a buyer who is a great cultural fit.

Steven Cariglio, CEO, Akuity Technologies, a portfolio company of ClearLight Partners, LLC

Photo: Steven Cariglio

I received three (3) unsolicited letters of intent to acquire my company in Q3 of 2020, and after 32 years in the business was at a crossroads on whether it was the right time to sell. During this period I developed a relationship with Abe and the team at FOCUS.

When their buy side client stepped away, FOCUS’ MSP Team immediately shared eight (8) bolt-on and nine (9) merger-of-equal ideas with me. They then asked for an opportunity to introduce me to their top pick, which they believed was a perfect cultural and financial fit, and I agreed. Within seven days of meeting FOCUS’ top pick, I hired FOCUS to represent me, and signed a letter of intent with the acquirer. With guidance and counsel from FOCUS we closed the transaction in just over three (3) months.

FOCUS’ MSP Team was sensitive to my history with the company and did a great deal to educate me on the acquisition process. I am very impressed with their knowledge, transparency and connections in the MSP marketplace. I recommend FOCUS’ MSP Team, and will serve as a reference.

Mohit ‘Mo’ Vij, Founder/CEO, General Informatics, a portfolio company of Rosewood Private Investments

Photo: Mohit 'Mo' Vij

I hired FOCUS’ MSP Team on May 28, 2020. In the first 24 hours after signing the engagement letter, Abe presented me with three (3) preemptive offers & introduced me via Teams to four (4) of the top MSP investors in the country.

Forty days later I signed an LOI with Rosewood Private Investments (RPI) and we closed the transaction on October 28. We plan to work with FOCUS in 2021 to find bolt-on opportunities for the Platform.

I recommend FOCUS’ MSP Team and will serve as a reference.

Craig Martin, President, Accumark Inc.

The successful completion of this transaction is a major milestone for Accumark and for me personally.  Joining forces with HSW will allow us to go further than we could alone. The expertise, guidance, and support the FOCUS team provided at every stage of the sale process was tremendous; we couldn’t have reached this milestone without them.

Chuck Noyes, President and Founder of Noyes Air Conditioning

This transaction provides a great long-term growth opportunity for our employees as they continue to run the business as part of a larger organization.  The expertise and guidance FOCUS provided throughout the sale process was instrumental to closing the deal.”

Victoria Snader, President and Philip Snader, Vice President, Enviro-Organic Technologies

Victoria Snader, President Enviro-Organic Technologies, Inc.Philip Snader, Vice President, Enviro-Organic Technologies, Inc.This transaction is a big win for Enviro-Organics. It allows us to further expand our services and to enter new markets, providing exciting growth opportunities for our company and employees.  We could not have accomplished this without the support of the FOCUS team, and Eric Oganesoff in particular.  Eric was available whenever we needed him and had the gift of anticipating and solving a situation before it ever became an issue.   The FOCUS team brought us the perfect partner and made certain that our transaction went smoothly every step of the way.

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