Strategic and Business Planning: Tap Into Winning Expertise in Defining Strategic Direction and Developing Effective Short-Term Operating Plans

Strategic planning services assist clients in developing a detailed strategic direction for the enterprise over a three to five year period. A strategic plan typically begins with an assessment of the client’s external situation. This assessment includes a market assessment analysis, a competitive evaluation, a technology assessment, a supplier market assessment, and a look at… Read more »

Planning: A Necessity for Business Owners

Denial, procrastination and daily distractions all conspire to prevent business owners from completing the personal planning that is an absolutely vital component of a successful business. Business owners also need to plan for a liquidity event. If an owner becomes incapacitated, a plan must be in place that will allow the business to continue functioning… Read more »

Alternative Financing: Four Routes to Raising Capital Today

Despite the current turmoil in the venture capital sector, top caliber companies still attract outside capital, although at far more “realistic” valuations than previously, coupled with more stringent market-driven terms and conditions. Expanding upon the issues raised by the Panel, the article below compares the pluses and minuses of a variety of alternative sources of funding… Read more »

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: Benefit from a Strong Focus Track Record of Sell-Side and Buy-Side Transactions

Focus Enterprises’ industry expertise, research capabilities and highly developed network of contacts provide a solid base for initiating transactions, as well as for identifying and evaluating potential sellers, buyers and partners. Our Partners help clients restructure their businesses and assist clients in developing realistic corporate development, acquisition, merger or divestiture plans. Since these activities are… Read more »

Twelve Value Drivers Help Ensure Success in Today’s Tough M&A Environment: PART 2

FOREWORD: At Focus Enterprises, we believe excellent opportunities exist for buyers and sellers alike who apply certain disciplines in today’s depressed merger and acquisition climate. Marshall Graham, founder and Chairman of Focus Enterprises, Inc. has written a comprehensive definition of twelve proven value components or “Value Drivers” that, when applied rigorously, can mean the difference… Read more »

FOCUS Newsletter: Volume 1, No. 4, April 2003

Business Planning Plan for the Unexpected (March 8, 2004)For many, if not most entrepreneurs, life is hectic, demanding and fast paced. Indeed, for most executives, the inbox is always full, leaving very little time for personal matters such as estate planning. Yet, if the executive fails to take the time to plan for disability or… Read more »

Focus Enterprises, Inc. and Elfcorp International Ltd. Announce Strategic Affiliation

Client Companies to Gain Resources and Regional Expertise in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe Washington, DC  – April 30, 2003 — Focus Enterprises, Inc. today announced an affiliation with Hong Kong-based Elfcorp International Limited, a business development and strategic advisory firm. The new affiliation will supply their respective client companies with exceptional opportunities for… Read more »

Twelve Value Drivers Help Ensure Success in Today’s Tough M&A Environment: PART 1

Today, buyers and sellers are more cautious than ever before. Pre-LOI due diligence is lasting much longer prior to firm deal terms being agreed upon. There is much more focus on forecasted revenues and stable and growing customer bases. Integration planning on paper is taking longer prior to the execution of a Letter of Intent. Finally, management teams, while extremely important in all M&A activity, are becoming much more central to success in today’s M&A transactions.

Tim Johnson Joins Focus Enterprises

In March, Tim Johnson joined the firm as a Principal. With experience at CIBC World Markets and Salomon Smith Barney in New York City and at Friedman, Billings, Ramsey in the Washington, D.C. area, Tim is a valuable asset to our clients, adding solid financial credentials and transactional expertise to the firm.

Strategic Partnering: How Focus Enterprises Can Help

Strategic partnering services assist Focus clients in finding and developing relationships with other companies that have products and/or technologies that can benefit from additional sales channels, marketing skills, engineering expertise, manufacturing capacity or investment. Strategic partnering arrangements can take the form of a license agreement, a joint venture, a sale and service agreement, a contract… Read more »